Meet the Authors


Mike (a dad, convert and theologian with Masters Degrees in Theology and Catholic Pastoral Education) and Sarah (a stay-at-home-mom, cradle Catholic, and lover of pets) Zimmerman are first time authors, who live in Nashville, TN with their three children, two dogs, cat and bunny. Strong in their faith and wanting to share it with their children, they went looking for a certain type of children’s book that could explain the Church’s views and relate to today’s kids moral dilemmas, all while catching the eye and interest of their children. They discovered what they were looking for didn’t seem to exist. So, they decided to create their own and through telling stories to their kids, Little Catholic Clubhouse evolved and became the books we have today. Co-written by both, with illustrations by Sarah, the characters came to life and have become part of their family. Through prayer, truth, fun and adventure they hope to help spread the Gospel with their little stories to children of the world. They invite you to share in each one of their adventures and to become part of their family and a part of their Little Catholic Clubhouse.