Venturing out into the world…..

Our first title is up and available! We are so excited that The True Meaning of Christmas is ready for sale and is available through our site, on Amazon, and at Gifts Catholic ( We have sold our first case already and are branching out to continue on. As we know that we are not in the Christmas season, we are diligently working on our second title, Little Catholic Clubhouse & The Eucharist. I thought we could not be more excited as our first title came to be, but to see the new adventures of the Clubhouse gang is so much fun! We are trying to have this new title ready for the First Communion season, so keep watch!

Thank you to everyone already who has helped us along the way, shared our page, and cheered us on. We definitely feel God’s guiding hand through all of this and are looking forward to what the future holds!

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